Customer Testimonials

"Hey Garrick! The lil boy made it safe and sound! I named him, Tigger! Man, it he drop-dead gorgeous! He's even prettier in person then in the picture you had on the website!!! He has got to me one of the cleanest and brightest pastel's I have seen lately! Thanks SOOO much! I am already a repeat customer, but I can tell you again ... I will be back to do more business with you time and time again. You have great stock, a beautiful operation, a vast array of knowledge, and on and on and on ... but the most important part (for me at least) is the customer service. Heck, you don't even treat me as a customer, you treat me as I am one doing you a favor! You always return my emails or calls within minutes, always go above and beyond to help get me what I am looking for and have even accommodated around me so I could take the hour trip over to see you and your place for myself! That isn't your typical, every day business person if you ask me. You set the bar very high for your competitors! I will send any and every reptile enthusiast I know your way! I can promise you that! Thanks again," ~Shanna

"Hi Garrick, Just wanted to let you know that I recieved my new albino ball python. The color of the snake is amazingly beautiful, and she is very sweet. I'm very satisfied with the service and the quality of your animals. I will surely be placing more orders with you in the future, I never expected to get that quality of snake or service from anyone online. I have already refered 5 people to you, and there is more to come. Thanks again for the help, we love our new companion!" ~Mike

"Hi Garrick, I just recieved the snake and he is a beauty! Great packaging! I have never purchased a snake via the internet and wondered how well the snakes tavel, but your extensive packaging definately makes it a trouble free journey for the animal. I plan on purchasing a ball-spider soon, so I will be looking for you at the Chicago show to pick out another of your snakes. Thanks again!" ~Rob

"Hey Garrick! I got my cute little baby! She arrived very nicely- she was not cold to the touch, and of course, she was alive ( not doubting ya...LOL) Very nice job with the packing- I now have to give a detailed report on how it was shipped for my co-workers husband...LOL. I am very pleased with my purchase and my experience working with you was supurb. My only issue is I may have bought too small of hides- wow, she was bigger then I thought! LOL. :D Garrick, you definatly have my trust, and when it's time for me to invest in more moprhs, I will definatly check out your selection first! Thankyou very much for an awesome snake and smooth transaction. Best of luck with your collection and future breeding plans!" ~Janet

"Garrick, Hey. ive been really busy lately so I havent had much time to do anything but I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous pastel you sent me. He arrived the morning after you shipped him at about 930 am. I also wanted to thank you for going out of your way to make sure he got to me the day that i needed him shipped I really do appreciate it. He is definitely one of the most beautiful pastels I have ever seen and the price was just downright a steal. Well i just want to thank you again and you definitely have me as a customer for life :)." ~Richard

"Garrick, The little guy and his ladies arrived safely this morning and man are they gorgeous! The pictures did not do them justice...I'll definitely be ordering more soon and adding a few more girls to his harem. Thanks for making this the best online ordering experience ever!" ~Brandon Stone

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