Mystic Potion

The Mystic Potion is one of the most-impressive morphs we've produced to date, after several years of waiting and hoping. We invested in a pair of mystics in 2007. At that time, nobody was sure what they were or what they could produce. In 2010, we bred our male mystic to a few of our female mojaves. We were lucky enough to produce at least 1 mystic potion in each clutch of eggs for a total of 1 male and 5 female. Statistically, when you breed mystic x mojave, you will produce 25% normals, 25% mojaves, 25% mystics, and 25% mystic potions.  Here is a Mystic pic:

Although a handful of potions were produced by other breeders before us, we were still absolutely amazed how how incredible they were when we started hatching ours. Photos just don't do this morph justice. They are easily one of the coolest ball morphs in existence! We have two female mystic potions still available. These could be used in a variety of projects. Here are a couple of excellent options: Breed a male mystic to a female mystic potion. You can produce mystics, mojaves, mystic potions, and super mystics! We are sold out of mystic males right now, but we'll hatch more in 2011. Males mature faster than females, so they'd still be ready to breed at the same time. Anyone that purchases one of these female mystic potions from us now can be at the top of our reservation list for a mystic male AND you can get that male mystic for only $500, which is over a 50% discount! Breed a male mojave to a female mystic potion. You can produce mystics, mojaves, mystic potions, and blue eye leucistics! If you purchase one of these female mystics, we'll give you a male mojave for free! Let us know if you want to add one of these stunning snakes to your collection!

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