The temperatures here in Wisconsin will be dropping tremendously over the next few days.  Our lows most days are in single digits or below 0 in some cases.  That is too cold to ship, regardless of how much I insulate the boxes or how many heat packs I use.  It looks like I should still be able to ship on Monday, December 18th, but after that, I may not be able to ship again before Christmas. If you want something delivered before Christmas, Monday is most-likely our last chance.

Even though you may not be able to receive your order until January, I encourage you to place your order asap.  Ball Pythons sell very fast at this time of year.  If you wait to order that special snake, it may very well get purchased by someone else.

Please have patience while you want for me to ship your ball python(s).  I'm at the mercy of the weather, but I will ship as soon as I think it is safe.  Most delays shouldn't last for more than a week or two.  I would rather wait until it is safer to ship and have you receive snakes that are alive and healthy rather than ship in conditons that are likely for you to receive a frozen snake.  I've been shipping for over 16 years and I've gotten pretty good at determining when to ship and when not to.  My survival rates when fed ex doesn't have delays is about 99.9%.  I'll get your snake to you safe and sound and while it is here waiting to be shipped, it will be very well cared for.



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