Winter-time means limited shipping opportunities, but I do plan to ship whenever weather permits.  If you place an order, I will keep it here safe and sound until a good day presents itself.  My biggest concern is the well-being of my reptiles, and I want to make sure they arrive at their new homes alive and wel.  I have been shipping for over 20 years and I've gotten very good at figuring out when it is good to ship and when I need to wait.

UPDATE:  The weather looks good for shipping on Wednesday March 22nd, Monday, 1/27, Tuesday 1/28/ and Wednesday 1/29.

PAYMENT PLANS: Is your budget tight because of all of the hoilday shopping, but there is still a snake you don't want to miss out on?  No probem!  Put a deposit of 25% down to hold your order and pay the balance in January!  I can offer payment plans for any orders of $300 and up with a minimum of a 25% non-refundable deposit. Please contact me if you'd like to start a payment plan on anything.

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