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bp normal breeders

Price: $150
Weight: 1500g
Sex: females
Hatch-Date: 8/26/16
Morph: Adult Breeder Normal Females

I need to clear out some rack space for some visible morph subadults I've held back over the years.  I have decided to offer some of my normal proven breeders up for sale.  These are all in their breeding prime! They are 6-13 years old and have laid multiple clutches.  Average weights are 1500-2000 grams.  Most of these are feeding on thawed medium rats, but some are better feeders on live medium rats.  Most of these are flawless, but some have minor imperfections such as small scars.  Some are a little light from producing last season, but if they are fed well, these should all be ready to breed again this year.

$150 each

I do not have individual photos of these, but they will look similar to those shown in the example photos here.

These all range from about 1300-2000 grams.  Most females of this size average 6-10 eggs per clutch, but can range from 4-12.

These should settle in and continue to be very productive breeders.  The ONLY reason I am selling them is because I'm out of space.  Everything I hold back now has to eventually replace something I already have.

I also have various breeder and juvenile males that I can pair up with individuals or groups of normals.  I will also be putting additonal males up for sale in Summer such as spinnerblasts, superblasts, pastel enchis and lots more.

UPDATE:  I'm not letting many more of these go until after they have laid eggs for this season.  I do have a few more that I can sell right now and  I should have a few more available in April, but most will be available May-Sept.  I can take reservations with a deposit if you want to make sure you get one (or more).  Please contact me through email: if you want to reserve any.  If you want to pay for one in full and get the next available female, you can purchase through the website.  Hopefully, I will have one ready for you soon.  They will be shipped on a first come, first serve basis.

We charge a flat fee of $60.00 for Fed-Ex overnight delivery, this fee will be added to your order regardless of how many animals you purchase.


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