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Adults & Breeders For Sale:

I've decided to let go of some of my adult and breeder Ball Pythons.  I've held back a LOT of snakes over the past 3 years, which are more genetically complex than my current breeders, making many of my current breeders expendable.  I don't have the space or time for all of my current breeders and my holdbacks, so some of these have to go.

I do not have individual photos or weights of all of these, but if you are SERIOUSLY interested in any of them, I can provide photos and weights of the ones you'd receive.  Taking photos and weights is time-consuming, so please, serious inquiries only.

These are Proven Breeders unless otherwise noted.  Some of these laid this year and with good feeding, will regain bodyweight to produce again next year.  More females will be posted once they lay this season.  Check back often!

The number before the decimal point represents the number of MALES.  The number after the decimal point represent the number of FEMALES.  DISCOUNTS are available on males when purchased with females.

1.0  Yellowbelly 100% Het Albino  $275

Hypos (Orange Ghost line):
1.0  Scaleless Head 100% Het Hypo  $450

1.0  Banana Calico Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown  $900
1.0  Pastel Mystic 100% Het Clown  $550
0.1  Firefly 100% Het Clown (last clutch laid in Dec. ’20)  $1500

Albino/Toffino Clowns:
1.0  Toffino Enchi 100% Het Clown  $900

Hypo Clowns:
1.0  Black Pewter 100% Double Het Hypo Clown  $500
0.2  Pastel Lesser Hypo 100% Het Clown  $2750

1.0  Crypton  $1500
0.2  Crypton Pinstripe  $3500

Genetic Stripe Clowns:
1.0  Cinny Pewter Lesser 100% Het Genetic Stripe Clown  $600

Ultramel Pieds:
1.0  100% Double Het Ultramel Pieds (Possible  Het Hypo)  $300

1.0  Yellowbelly Pied  $800

Lavender Albinos:
1.0  Lavender Albino Black Pastel Spider  $800
1.0  GHI Mystic 100% Het Lavender Albino  $800

Genetic Stripes:
1.0  Banana Pastel  Enchi 100% Het Genetic Stripe  $400
1.0  Pastel Leopard 100% He Genetic Stripe  $600 available in June

Dominants, Co-Doms, & Multi-Co-Dom FEMALES:

Dominants, Co-Doms & Multi-Co-Dom MALES:
1.0  Orange Dream Banana (possible Super OD and/or Fire)  $375
2.0  Orange Dream Banana Enchi (possible super OD)  $450
1.0  Microscale  $1000
1.0  Coral Glow Microscale  $2500

Photos are available for serious inquiries.

Shipping with Fed Ex Overnight:
1-2 adults  $75
3-4 adults  $100
5-7 adults  $150
8 + inquire

I can take payment through PayPal, Credit Cards, or Money Orders.
Short payment plans are available for purchases of $500 or more.


Garrick DeMeyer
Royal Constrictor Designs
phone:  715-845-5545



701g | male

Orange Dream Banana (poss. Super OD and/or Fire)


945g | male

Banana Orange Dream Enchi (possible Super OD)


715g | male

Banana Orange Dream Enchi (possible Super OD)


1010g | male

Banana Calico Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown


960g | male

Lemonblast Clown


1020g | male

Lesser Pewter (Cinnamon) 100% Double Het G Stripe Clown


691g | male

Pewter (Black Pastel) 100% Double Het Hypo Clown


880g | male

Yellowbelly Pied


655g | male

Scaleless Head 100% Het Hypo


821g | male

100% Double Het Ultramel Pied

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