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Adults & Breeders For Sale:

I've decided to let go of some of my adult and breeder Ball Pythons.  I've held back a LOT of snakes over the past 3 years, which are more genetically complex than my current breeders, making many of my current breeders expendable.  I don't have the space or time for all of my current breeders and my holdbacks, so some of these have to go.

I do not have individual photos or weights of all of these, but if you are SERIOUSLY interested in any of them, I can provide photos and weights of the ones you'd receive.  Taking photos and weights is time-consuming, so please, serious inquiries only.

These are Proven Breeders unless otherwise noted.  Some of these laid this year and with good feeding, will regain bodyweight to produce again next year.

1.0  Albino  $300
1.0  Albino Black Pastel Bumblebee   $450

Hypos (Orange Ghost line):
1.0  Scaleless Head 100% Het Hypo  $450

1.0  Spider Clown  $500
1.0  Pastel Butter Clown  $750
1.0  Banana Calico Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown  $900
1.0  Banana Leopard Yellowbelly 100% Het Clown  $900
0.1  Pastel Bamboo 100% Het Clown  $2500

2017 Clown males that are not proven breeders, but are ready or nearly ready to breed:
1.0  Spider Clown  $450
1.0  Bumblebee Clown  $650
1.0  Super Enchi Butter Clown (’18)   $1750

Hypo Clowns:
0.1  Pastel Lesser Hypo 100% Het Clown  $2750

1.0  Crypton  $1500
0.2  Crypton Pinstripe  $3500

Genetic Stripe Clowns:
1.0  Black Pewter Lesser 100% Het Genetic Stripe Clown  $600

0.1  Pastel Hypo  $600

Ultramel Pieds:
1.0  100% Double Het Ultramel Pieds (Possible  Het Hypo)  $300

1.0  Orange Dream Fire Yellowbelly 100% Het Pied  $1000

Genetic Stripes:
1.0  Banana Enchi 100% Het Genetic Stripe  $400

Dominants, Co-Doms, & Multi-Co-Dom FEMALES:
0.1  Firebee (possible Orange Dream and/or Enchi- breeding results inconclusive)  $700
0.1  Orange Dream Butterfly  $1500

Dominants, Co-Doms & Multi-Co-Dom MALES:
1.0  Orange Dream Banana  $650
1.0  Orange Dream Enchi Pinstripe  $500
1.0  Super Orange Dream Firebee  $900
1.0  Super Banana Spinner  $1000
1.0  Super Banana Pastel Calico (possible YB)  $1500

Photos are available for serious inquiries.

Shipping with Fed Ex Overnight:
1-2 adults  $75
3-4 adults  $100
5-7 adults  $150
8 + inquire

I can take payment through PayPal, Credit Cards, or Money Orders.
Short payment plans are available for purchases of $500 or more.


Garrick DeMeyer
Royal Constrictor Designs
phone:  715-845-5545



810g | male

Orange Dream Banana


960g | male

Lemonblast Clown


1020g | male

Lesser Pewter (Cinnamon) 100% Double Het G Stripe Clown


950g | male

Orange Dream Enchi Pinstripe


655g | male

Scaleless Head 100% Het Hypo


812g | male

Super OD Spider


821g | male

100% Double Het Ultramel Pied

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